12th Participatory Design Conference (PDC), Roskilde, Denmark

Yanki was invited to be the research paper chair of the 12th Participatory Design Conference (PDC). Apart from her duty, she also presented a short paper of her ‘Ageing in Tsinghua’ project as an example of how design researchers can trigger ageing innovation by the aged. The full text can be found at www.pdcproceedings.org

The conference was organised by Professor Jesper Simonsen from the Roskilde University, Denmark. In order to make the conference truly participatory, there were many extra activities aimed at exploring new boundaries of participation:

  1. 12th Aug (Sun), after the workshop, Yanki was invited to take part in a participatory art event, the Picnic-Quiz by Dutch Artist Rosanne van Klaveren, a very colourful experience! For more info please visit the artist’s blog (http://www.socialspaces.be/tag/niva-to-nenets)
  2. 13th Aug (Mon), first day of the conference, Professor Simonsen also prepared a lunch beat (http://www.lunchbeat.org/) for everyone to experience an active and participatory lunch
  3. 14th Aug, for the conference dinner, everyone was transported to the outskirts of Roskilde to the Land of Legends (http://www.sagnlandet.dk/English.425.0.html) experiencing a traditional Viking dinner, lifestyle and music.