‘Moon above the Roofs’, Riga, Latvia

An open Sino-Baltic symposium organised by the AsiaRes, Baltic Research Centre for East Asian Studies was a rare opportunity for sinologists from Europe to share their experiences in China. Yanki was invited by one of the organisers, Emils Rode, to share her experience of designing for and with an ageing population in Europe and China.


During the interactive sessions, Yanki spoke to a few sinologists who tried to provoke discussions on why people from east and west respond so differently to ageing and playing. For example, in the west, people try hard to stop the ageing processes through technological development while in the east, older people look for ways to harmonise the development of their bodies with the environment. Similarly, in the east, people take the act of playing more seriously because it occurs naturally and they Conversely, in the west play seems to stop after childhood.

More details of the project can be found http://asiares.lv/news/moon-above-roofs-31-may-2012