Northern World Mandate, Cumulus Conference, Helsinki, Finland

The paper, ‘Ageing in place(s): Cases to introduce solution-focused design methodology for ageing innovation‘, co-written with Dr Denny Ho. This paper was accepted for oral presentation at the Cumulus Conference which interlinked with events at the World Design Capital, Helsinki 2012.  Both Dr Ho and Dr Lee were invited to present in a session entitled INNOVATIVE SERVICES and asked to respond to several key questions in their paper. Among them were ‘How are traditional product-service-systems changing? What are the new ways to organize production chains (car sharing etc.)? What kind of actors are/can be engaged in provision of services? What is the role of public authorities, civic society, small business etc.? What about co-operatives? What kind of spaces and interactions do particular services imply?’


Very positive responses from the audience. Several delegates requested further details of the workshop. They included Prof. Michael Krohn, from the Arts
Department of Design at Zurich University
and Tine Kjolsen, special advisor to the rector from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

More details of the paper can be found