Ageing in Lillestrøm, Oslo, Norway

Yanki spent three days in Lillestrøm near Oslo between 9-11 June to conduct the Methods Lab as part of the UD2012 conference programme, the first Universal Design Conference in Europe. Lillestrøm is a city between Oslo and Gardermoen Airport in Norway

Like other Methods Labs, the theme of the workshop was Ageing in Lillestrøm where the conference was held. Working with four students from Norway, the lab aimed to help people unfold their own ingenuity and inspire them to develop new ideas for our healthy and active future selves. Students were guided to go through three stages:

  1. Mapping Lillestrøm with the locals
  2. Improving ‘your’ Lillestrøm
  3. Prototyping in ‘our Lillestrøm’

After working intensively for three days, the team shared their process in images and video to audiences at the conference. As Kjetil Knarlag from Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU)- the main sponsor of the workshop -expressed after the presentation, ‘It was an inspiring experience for students (engaging the local community), good work and keep it up!’


View the video from the final presentation, click here


Thank you for the participants:

Helene Aastveit

Romina Bianconi

Erlend Bleken

Elham Mahootchi

And my co-worker Claire Quinn