Ageing in Tiu Keng Leng, Hong Kong, China

Completed in 2010, the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) campus is located in a new town surrounded by six different housing estates, home to over 20,000 households. With the site in mind Yanki designed a 3-week Methods Lab for students to develop designs through interaction with the surrounding neighbourhood. 30 students from different disciplines took part in this 3-week workshop with mentor Paula Dib and guest speaker Patricia Moore. Each team worked closely with one housing estate, developing tools to engage local residents as their creative partners. Residents then worked as participants to co-develop new design ideas for their healthy and active future selves.


Inspired by a traditional festival market, the outcome was a ‘Design Market’ to celebrate Chinese New Year with the local communities in Jan 2011. Each team designed, built and operated a stall – 6 stalls in total – exchanging ‘Design Ideas’ with their creative partners and people who live and work in the area.


Photos by Yanki Lee and Paula Dib