Ageing in Tsinghua, Jan – Dec 2011, Beijing, China

As part of the UK-China Fellowship of Excellence 2011 – funded by the UK’s Department of Business, Innovations and Skills (BIS) – Dr Lee travelled to Beijing last year and worked with a group of retired academics living at Tsinghua University Campus.

Between December 2010 and November 2011 Yanki designed a series of interactions aimed at highlighting the group’s ingenious living strategies, which she called the method, Design Festival. Part of the project also involved collaboration with design students in local design schools and the elderly group itself to produce a series of pop-up design stalls enabling the group to value their approach to ageing. This one-year project was captured in her recently published book, ‘The Ingenuity of Ageing”, ISBN 978-1-907342-46-2

For more reflections of the project, please have a look at publication section.

Photos by Yanki Lee, Meng Lau @ Black Sheep Production and Patricia Moore