Carers’ Congress, London, UK

On Wednesday 23 May 2012, the Carers’ Congress launched a report entitled Modalities of Exchange. This concluded the Serpentine Gallery’s Project Skills Exchange: Urban Transformation and the Politics of Care (2007-2012). During the launch Yanki Lee re-joined the team to facilitate the launch event.

In 2010, Dr Lee was invited to work with the design collective, Åbäke, and spent time with Westmead Care Home staff and residents discussing their interests and vocational skills. Using her design research experience in ageing innovation, Yanki collaborated with Åbäke to illuminate the realities of old age and help younger participants imagine their futures. To do this portraits of middle aged project organisers were taken by photographer Kees de Klein and Åbäke.  At a Serpentine Gallery Family Day and using the aged portraits as a focal point,  Yanki held discussions with people of all ages, helping them visualise and imagine their futures.

The project was led by Janna Graham from the Centre of Possible Studies, Serpentine Gallery in collaboration with Dr Alison Rooke from Goldsmiths University, London