The core value of my artistic/design/action research practice is co-creation. My role is to create tools that enable others to join in the process of co-creation. They act as invitations to co-design. This also acts as a demonstration for fellow designers on what we mean by “design for emancipation” or “design by people”. Many of these research actions can also be called “design probes” but with a more participatory intention, i.e. unfolding professional design knowledge for those who will be affected and getting them to design for themselves.  

2019 Dementia Showroom, Enable Foundation _

2019 OK Dementia Jackets @ DDW, Enable Foundation X Pascal Anson _

2019 OLD School Drills, Enable Foundation X Pascal Anson _

2018 DementiaLand Video, Enable Foundation X Rony Chan & KaCaMa _

2018 Strange Videos: It might be dementia, Enable Foundation x Michele Salati

2018 The Envelope 信別, Enable Foundation X Milk Design

2017 Open Dementia and Magic , HKDI DESIS Lab x JCCPA

2015 Design for Open Enquiry: Open Death, HKDI DESIS Lab with Milk Design

2015 Open Death Jewellery Collection, HKDI DESIS Lab with Pascal Anson

2013 Pineapple Show with Dr Carman Hijosa

2012 Fine Dying Exhibition

2009 Constant Stream

2009–2011 Super Estate Projects, Exhibit at Golden Lane Estate