2012 — #Ageing, #Beijing, #BIS, #HelenHamlynCentre, #RCA

The Ingenuity of Ageing

The Ingenuity of Ageing

As part of the UK-China Fellowship of Excellence 2011 - funded by the UK’s Department of Business, Innovations and Skills (BIS) – I travelled to Beijing last year and worked with a group of retired academics living at Tsinghua University Campus. 

Between December 2010 and November 2011 I designed a series of interactions aimed at highlighting the group’s ingenious living strategies, which I called the method, Design Festival. Part of the project also involved collaboration with design students in local design schools and the elderly group itself to produce a series of pop-up design stalls enabling the group to value their approach to ageing. This one-year project is captured in my recently published book, ‘The Ingenuity of Ageing”, ISBN 978-1-907342-46-2

For more details of the project, please have a look at my recent publication to the Cumulus Conference 2012, Helsinki, Finland.

Photos by Yanki Lee, Meng Lau @ Black Sheep Production and Patricia Moore