As a researcher, my methodology can refer to action research with ethnographic studies and design methods. These social science and insight-focused methodologies are not always counted with scientific merit. However, these research practices are highly respected in Scandinavia as “Artistic Research”.  As Hannula (2005:10) stated, “…artistic research as a new opening for a wide variety of actors within contemporary art and culture. This whole issue is not about scientific research (as in art history or the sociology of art, for example), but about the self-reflective and self-critical processes of a person taking part in the production of meaning within contemporary art…” This research framework really enables me to explain my work and is the most appropriate practice when researching complex social issues. 

2022-2024 Rethink Universal Design _ Professorship @ Design School Kolding _ Denmark  

2021 Dementia Hong Kong @ SIE funded SI.DLab II_ Hong Kong 

2019 Productive Ageing @ SIE funded SI.DLab I _ Hong Kong 

2018 Dementia Going @ SIE funded SI.DLab I _ Hong Kong 

2017 Fine Dying @ SIE funded SI.DLab I _ Hong Kong 

2017 Home Street Home: Hong Kong’s Self-build Communities _

2016 Open Design in Action! Design Debates & Projects for Our Design Society _

2015 Ageing, Ingenuity & Design: International Cases _

2014 Fine Dying:  Let’s co-design our dying issues @ HKDI  _

2013 Pattern of Living: Hong Kong’s High-Rise Communities with Professor Hilary French  _

2012 The Ingenuity of Ageing: for designing social innovation  (Post-Doc Study) _

2011 _

2007 Design Participation Tactics: Enable people to design their own environment (Doctoral Study)

2001 Totalscape: Live-work study